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Welcome to my website


I work in a traditional arts and crafts workshop. There I print with letterpress and lino-cut. I design and print posters, invitations, birth announcements, moving house, wedding and greeting cards. All printed by hand on beautiful acid-free paper.
My cards are small works of art, to be kept in memory of special events..


On this website you can view examples of my commissioned works. You can also have a look at pictures of my free work, including paintings and prints. I often work together with Eddy Varekamp, we also take commissions together, and he allows me to print his lino-cut or use parts of his compositions.

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions

How does a commission work?  

Usually we start with a talk at the workshop. Here the costumer can tell me their wishes and I show them the possibilities. Based on this I make a design and cut it in linoleum. The text I will set in led-type and I will make a test print so that we can correct any possible mistakes in the type. When I am sure all is as it should be, I will start printing.
When the ink is dry, the cards can be collected, delivered or posted. Since my business is small and has only limited capacity, I recommend that you contact me well in advance. You can contact me here for questions, remarks or informal quotes. Press the icons on top to see my portfolio.

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